CNCPTS - Weekly Planner & Notebook Designed for Business W/ Discount Code

We have been struggling to find the best planner/notebook to keep ourselves organized, not only on a personal level but as a small business for a long time. I can't even begin to count how many of these types of notebooks we've gone through over the years. 10, 15, 20? We've lost count.

Today we want to share with you our favorite and most used planner to date, CNCPTS Notebooks. We love everything about it, especially its simple, minimalist design.

Whether you’re starting a business, side hustle or pursuing a passion project, we want to help.
— CNCPTS Notebook

This little gal has already helped us organize our daily lives and our "side hustle." After struggling to keep ourselves organized and on track for months, if not years, we stumbled upon this notebook in an Instagram ad. We loved the idea so much that we personally bought one for ourselves.

Check them out here for yourself and use discount code DADDYANDPAPA for 15% off your order!

Here’s a bit more info directly from Jonathan Tao, the founder and creator of CNCPTS Notebooks:

The Idea

The idea for CNCPTS Notebook began in a small stationery store in Los Angeles, California after failing to find a notebook and weekly planner that could do more. On the outside, notebook after notebook, they all looked the same - black leather cover, single bookmark ribbon, and elastic band. That’s it. Sound familiar? On the inside, the layout was either completely bare with a dated design or overly complicated with a rigid structure asking us to complete excessive tracking. We knew there had to be a better solution.

The Design

After failing to find a product that worked, we went out to create our own solution. We began this challenge by asking ourselves, “How do we create a weekly planner that people are actually excited to use?” And with this question in mind, we embarked on an interactive eleven-month design process.

We knew the most important aspect to this question was usability, so we sought out to create a product that worked with the needs of a modern-day entrepreneur. We designed the weekly layout to be intuitively simple and flexible for your daily tasks while having separate sections for your “Personal To-Do’s” and “Chores & Errands.” All this helps your brain easily segment your tasks so you’re able to focus on what’s important.

The next step was to make sure the CNCPTS Notebook had enough function to keep up with today’s needs. We loaded it with things like blank & perforated pages, pen holder, multiple bookmark ribbons and elastic bands so you’re ready in any situation.

The Process

We worked with a London-based bookbinding specialist to bring our idea to life and this is where we obsessed over the details. We shared our prototype with dozens of entrepreneurs and side hustlers through monthly mastermind group events we hosted. With feedback in hand, we iterated. And iterated again. Until we had the perfect product to bring your ideas to life. Trust us when we say, no detail was spared.

Check them out here for yourself and use discount code DADDYANDPAPA for 15% off your order!

— Papa West