Charlotte's Story - A Story of Love & Adoption


Three years ago on 18 September, just around 5:00pm, daddy, Grace and I were just sitting down to eat dinner. Little did we know our 2nd daughter had just been born. It wasn’t our intention to adopt twice, let alone two infants only 5-weeks apart, but later that night as we were all getting settled into bed our phone rang. It was relatively late on a Friday night, but we immediately recognized the number. It was someone from the Baltimore City Dept of Social Services. On the other end of the phone was the deputy director with a straightforward question.

“We have a newborn who is immediately available for adoption. Would you like to adopt her?”

I think we both said YES before she was even able to finish asking her question. Her next question was, “can you come to the hospital right now to meet your daughter?” It took us all but 15 minutes to get out of the house and on our way to meet her.

Charlotte’s story is hers and hers only to tell, but we do know and have told her many times that her birth mother held her one last time and with tears in her eyes, asked the nurses in the room to find her baby girl a good home.

Charlotte was born at 1659 (4:59pm) and all three of us, Grace included, met her just a few hours later at the hospital.

It was a surreal and unforgettable moment that I know we will never forget.

At only 3 years old, she has grown into a strongwilled, curious, brilliant little girl and will no doubt go on to do incredible things!

— Papa West